Tigard Holistic Health Clinic
History of Tigard Holistic Health Clinic:


The clinic began in 1995. Our humble beginnings started with 900 square feet at the top of steep staircase in a historic Tigard farmhouse. We originally had one acupuncturist and one naturopathic physician.We offered family naturopathic care and acupuncture. While the clinic was small in physical presence it held bigger visions.

Over time, we began to see many patients who were chronically ill and hypersensitive to many chemicals in the environment. While they responded to basic naturopathic treatment principles -such as “remove the cause”- we realized that these patients needed unique support in ridding themselves of the toxic burdens that they suffered from. Our vision expanded to include a facility where our patients could come and detoxify on all levels – body, mind and spirit- and benefit from therapies that support the health, healing, and rehabilitation of the whole person.

Today Tigard Holistic Health clinic is 3000 square feet. There is a naturopathic physician, who is also an acupuncturist. Our staff also includes an acupuncturist/medical intuitive, a medical assistant/ lab technician. The clinic has been developed to be safe and non-toxic to even the most sensitive patients. The air and the water in the facility are filtered. We offer cleansing programs that include IV therapy, saunas, hydrotherapy,  and acupuncture.

Our facility is unique in that it includes a sauna and shower to augment superior cleansing, an IV Room for nutritional supplementation and chelation treatments, 6 private treatment rooms, a pharmacy and special items for sale.