Tigard Holistic Health Clinic Cleanse Program:

The Tigard Holistic Health Clinic offers a Comprehensive Cleansing Program that is designed to support the body’s natural mechanisms that are in place to facilitate healing and cleansing.

We have designed Comprehensive cleansing programs based on our natural physiology using modalities that are risk free yet very powerful in aiding the body’s natural abilities to heal. We eliminate toxins in our body by five major organs: The lungs, liver, kidney, colon, lymph, and skin. We naturally sweat to eliminate through our skin, thus we can use Sauna therapy to support elimination through our skin. The liver is a master at metabolizing chemicals within the body into forms that can be rapidly excreted through the lungs, kidneys and colon. We can take medications and herbal supplements to assist the liver. Specific prescriptions are prescribed at the clinic to assist the liver. Constitutional Hydrotherapy is used to eliminate toxins through the skin and lymph system. IV therapy introducing mineral, vitamins, amino acids and antioxidants, is used to provide the body with the vital substances necessary to detoxify and cleanse.

Many of our patients do yearly cleanses and or introduce a cleansing to help resolve serious illness.

Specialized Chelation Therapies are often included in cleansing programs to specifically enhance and support the excretion of Heavy Metals.

We look forward to assisting you in your choice to be well.