Cardiovascular Health
We offer holistic testing for cardiovascular disease, focusing on prevention as well as early identification of disease. The clinic utilizes regular cholesterol tests as well as advanced LPP (lipoprotien partical size) testing to identify risk factors early to aid in developing individulized treatment plans. We offer proven natural medication to lower cholesterol and reduce associated risk factors with heart health.

The Tigard Holistic Health Clinic is a therapeutic detoxification center. We are specialists in cleansing and detoxification from heavy metals and environmental toxins, as well as emotional and spiritual poisons. We design programs that resonates with each person’s specific needs. Learn More

Heavy Metal Screening and Detoxification
Due to high levels of exposure to heavy metals such as mercury and lead in our environment, dental amalgams, paint, immunizations, industry, agriculture, etc. many people are suffering from heavy metal toxicity. Heavy metals can bind with a variety of tissues throughout the body and cause severe health problems. Some of the conditions that can be associated with heavy metal toxicity includes dementia, neurological problems, immune deficiencies, autism, attention deficit /hyperactivity disorder, multiple sclerosis, and fibromyalgia. At THHC, we use state of the art screening to identify patients with excessive levels heavy metals and we have developed specific, individualized, carefully supervised, treatment protocols to safely clear heavy metals from our patients. Learn More

Hormone Balancing
Whether you are a female who is having a difficulty with menopause or PMS, or if you are suffering from thyroid or adrenal issues, or from infertility, we can help you balance out your hormones. We utilize laboratory testing, along with physical exam and history to diagnose endocrine problems. On a physical level, we rely mainly on nutrition, botanicals and bio

Identical natural hormones to treat hormone imbalances. In addition, there are many highly effective energy medicine techniques used by our medical intuitive and acupuncturists that can significantly enhance hormonal function and provide emotional support.

Lyme Treatment
The Tigard Holistic Clinic offers aggressive antibiotic treatment when indicated as well as innovative treatments such as intravenous vitamin C, hydrogen peroxide, garlic and nutrients. In addition alternative treatments such immune support, detoxification, nutritional support, herbal antimicrobials, endocrine support, pain management, and emotional support are offered to develope a holistic treatment protocol. Learn More

Nutritional Testing
Micro Nutrient, minerals, amino acids,and antioxidant testing- For those who want to make sure thy’re on the right vitamins, that they’re absorbing and for those who want to take a pro-active approach to figure out what is missing before problems arise, this test panel is the most comprehensive panel one can get and it’s covered by most insurances.