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Portland: David Meets Saturday once per month at Good Samaritan Hospital
Hood River: Mid-Columbia Lyme Support Group: contact Pam Ritzenthaler email; pritz@gorge.


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Insights to Lyme Disease Treatment   Connie Strasheim
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The Lyme Disease Solution   Kenneth Singleton
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International Lyme and Associated Disease Society www.
Lyme disease Association www.lymedisease
California Lyme disease Association



California patient Guide www.
Patient’s Medication assistance program This site is a great resource to help patients locate assistance that meets their specific needs. Bridges to Access provide free or low-cost GSK ( Glaxo Smith Kline) medications to eligible low-income patients without prescription drug benefits who are not enroll in Medicare part D. Patients must enroll in Bridges to Access with the help of an Advocate. The mission of Free medicine Foundation is to connect you or your loved ones with programs that will help save or eliminate prescription medicine costs. Enrollment in a patient assistance program eases the drain on family funds, resulting in increased cash available for life’s basic necessities. If you do not have prescription coverage, call Pfizer Helpful Answers. They have many programs to help you save on Pfizer medications, no matter your age or income. You may even get them for free, depending on your income. The card carries with it a one-year free SunAssociation membership (free trial period) for patients to become familiar with the benefits. After that an annual membership fee of $20.00 per family per year will apply. Membership includes the prescription discount card. As you may already know, hundreds of pharmaceutical companies are giving free prescription medication to people who they feel cannot afford to pay for them. This website will walk you step by step in finding out if you qualify for free medicine from over 270 Patient Assistant programs. Partnership for Prescription Assistance is a clearinghouse to network with drug companies that have patient assistance programs to provide medication for free to individuals that meet income requirements. Discount prices to individuals that meet certain income requirements.
A number of different companies provide discount cards for medications. Physicians are mailed these and they are on the Internet. Needy Meds: Healthcare Alliance: Half Off: National Prescription Savings Network: Patient Savings Alliance: Avia Partners: PDR card:
Go to the drug company website for the medication prescribed and access discount coupons. These websites are often www. (name of the drug).com Type in the name of the drug and your zip code and compare the prices in different drug stores and discount coupons can be printed.
Costco has a drug pricing tool, but it is difficult to find it on their website. They charge 3% above wholesale, but do not carry every medication. It is useful as a price guide. You do not have to be a member to use the pharmacy.

Lyme Tap – The Lyme Test Access Program (Lyme-TAP) is a nationwide patient assistance program to provide assistance for initial Lyme-related lab tests to patients who demonstrate true financial need.

Lyme Light
Anyone diagnosed with Lyme disease between ages of 3-25 and can demonstrate a qualified financial need.

Make A Wish
Click on this link to go to “Make a Netwish”, a site to get monies, if you are in need.
Clinic of Angels
Click on this link to go to “Clinic of Angels”, a site to get monies, if you are in need. and click on the Financial application form on the left of the screen.
Help With Medicine Costs
Fundraiser Help
Providing Patients Access to the Medicines They Need
Bridges To Access
The GSK program providing low cost or no cost medications for non-medicare patients or for people who do not have prescription coverage. It is a great program for Malarone and Mepron. is a registry and results database of federally and privately supported clinical trials conducted in the United States and around the world. gives you information about a trial’s purpose, who may participate, locations, and phone numbers for more details. This information should be used in conjunction with advice from health care professionals. Use the search tool, there seem to be a few trials recruiting for Lyme Disease patients.
Clinic Of Angels
The Clinic of Angels is a 501(c) 3 non-profit organization founded in 2005 by Michael Cichon MD. Dr. Cichon, a board certified Internal Medicine and Infectious Disease physician has practiced in the Tampa Bay area for over 30 years. His purpose in starting this organization was to help chronically ill patients by providing financial resources to help in their medical care.