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Pyroluria Pyroluria is a condition that has been associated with disorders such as depression, autism, ADHD and alcoholism. Read more about Pyroluria below… What exactly is Pyroluria? Pyroluria results from a genetic difference in hemoglobin metabolism that creates a substance that binds with Vitamin B-6. This biproduct is called kryptopyrrole. This can result in a relative deficiency of both vitamin B6 and zinc- although it may be...

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Lyme Resources

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LYME RESOURCES: LABORATORIES: IGeneX 800-832-3200 797 San Antonio Road Palo Alto Ca 943030 Fry Lab 866-927-8075 15720 N. Greenway Haydon Loop Ste3 Scottsdale, AZ 85260 SUPPORT GROUPS: Portland: David Meets Saturday once per month at Good Samaritan Hospital Hood River: Mid-Columbia Lyme Support Group: contact Pam Ritzenthaler email; pritz@gorge. 541-386-5658 SUGGESTED READING: Lyme Disease Survival Guide    ...

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SMALL INTESTINAL BACTERIAL OVERGROWTH (SIBO) AND TICK-BORNE DISEASE (TBD) By Stacey Raffety ND SIBO is defined as an abnormally large amount of bacteria growing in the small intestine, a dysbiosis (as opposed to a symbiosis) of the normal flora. This is not unlike C. difficile or candida overgrowth in that it can interfere with well-designed treatment for Lyme and other infections, but SIBO can be more insidious: its symptoms can be acute and...

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UVB Ultraviolet Therapy (Photo-Oxidation Therapy)

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UVB Ultraviolet Therapy (Photo-oxidation therapy) is a biological healing modality utilizing ultraviolet irradiation of the blood (with UV Ultraviolet C light) to produce the following beneficial photochemical reactions: Improved micro circulation and oxygenation of tissues. Anti-inflammatory effects Stimulation of the immune system Increased tolerance of the body towards radiation or chemotherapy. Cardiovascular protection through increased...

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Advanced Clinical Testing for Health

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SpectraCell Laboratories’ advanced clinical testing services for Micronutrients, LipoProtien Particle Profile, ApoE & MTHFR Genotyping:   Micronutrient Testing Are you taking too many supplements? Not Enough? Nutritional status is a vital foundation of health and performance.  SpectraCells‘ micronutrient testing is an innovative assessment of nutritional status.  Unlike traditional serum, hair and urine tests,...

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