Effective October 5, 2015, the Tigard Holistic Health Clinic is not Restorative Health Clinic, you can visit our website at

Dr Werner Vosloo is taking care of former Dr. Raffety’s patients and all new patients. Dr Raffety retired end of 2015 after transition was made.

Restorative Health Clinic is located at:
6464 Borland Rd, Suite B-2
Tualatin, OR
Phone 503-747-2021
Phone 503-639-1712
Fax 971-249-0319

We are comprised of compassionate, professional practitioners who are dedicated to assisting and empowering people facing the challenges of being whole on all levels of mind, body and spirit.

We facilitate healing from even serious or chronic health challenges and specialize in the cleansing of physical, emotional and energetic conditions. To achieve this, we are creating and implementing new models for integrating traditional and innovative treatment plans and clinical practices in a unique, environmentally safe atmosphere.

In order for wellness to occur, we recognize that a proactive attitude and the qualities of commitment, responsibility and honest communication are priorities for both the client and practitioner. As a result, we provide education, tools and support to empower our clients to achieve and maintain optimal health.

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Tigard Holistic Health Clinic is now part of Restorative Health Clinic

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Dr. Werner Vosloo ND, MHom

(Dr. Stacey Raffety, BSN, LAc, ND has retired from practice) 



My Philosophy

The human body’s ability to adapt, protect, and heal itself is incredible. My approach to medicine is based on the belief that we become sick when that ability is impaired, and that true recovery means addressing the cause of the impairment thatallowed for the illness, in addition to the illness itself.

While the achievements of modern medicine are vast, the system is flawed.  Practitioners continue to focus on suppressing symptoms versus addressing causes, leaving many patients vulnerable to repeated and/or chronic illness, with little hope of lasting recovery.  In order for true healing to take place, the root cause of an illness must be isolated and neutralized.


What This Means

Healing from the root takes time.  Rest assured that I will devote the time necessary to establish an accurate diagnosis and corresponding treatment plan, often incorporating natural remedies with more traditional methods of care. In return for my commitment, I ask that you make a similar commitment to your health, thus creating a foundation of mutual trust and respect from which to proceed.  In my experience, while there are many paths to illness, there is only one path to optimal health, and it requires us both–physician and patient–to do the legwork.


My Credentials:

Masters in Homeopathic Medicine (MHom)
Durban Institute of Technology
Natal, South Africa

Doctorate in Naturopathic Medicine (ND)
National College of Naturopathic Medicine
Portland, Oregon

Certification in Dr. Shoemaker MD protocol
Certification Mold and Biotoxin Theraphy

Active member of ILADS (International Lyme and Associated Disease Society. 

Certification in EDTA Chelation Therapy

Certification in administration of Oxone an Prolozone Theraphy


My Areas of Specialty:

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We provide education, tools and support to empower our clients to achieve and maintain optimal health.

It’s Cleanse Time

We invite you to come to our office and have Dr Raffety teach you safe at home cleansing program. The program can give you the tools to complete a 1-4 week cleanse that you can comfortably do in your own home.You will be given detailed instructions and explanation that you can use from years to come.

Contact Us at 503-639-1712 for your appointment today.

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